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The health and social care industry is a huge industry UK wide, contributing 10% to the country’s economy. Therefore jobs are usually abundant and it’s an ideal ideal career choice.

We offer a series of courses designed to combine theory and practical experience to give you the most balanced and relevant education possible. They also have the added bonus of being the perfect preparation should you decide to stay with us to take an Honours Degree or Foundation Degree at
our Higher Education and Degree Centre.

If you’re looking to stay local after your studies, this is one of the largest sectors of employment in Lancashire, with an abundance of vacancies for dedicated and qualified staff.

Today a student, tomorrow a… Child Minder, Midwife, Counsellor, Health Worker, Nanny, Nurse, Nursery Nurse, Probation Officer, Social Worker, Support Worker, Youth Worker, Health Visitor, District Nurse, Health Care Assistant or a Family Support Worker.

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