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Do you like to be the best?
Challenge your body and mind?
Be the strongest mentally and physically?

There are few areas of study more challenging than the public services and military academy. If you live for the thrill of pushing your limits then this could be the career for you.

Public services and military service are careers which attract a certain kind of person, with a certain kind of personality and demand a specific set of skills. You will need to be dedicated, motivated and committed to continuous improvement as you develop throughout your time with us.

You will be exposed to outstanding opportunities, both at the college campus and other locations throughout the country. For example, abseiling, canoeing, mountaineering and the Three Peaks challenge.

If you are active, adventurous and have a desire to improve, this could well be the career for you!

Today a student, tomorrow a… Customs and Excise Officer, Firefighter, Health and Safety Officer, Local Government Executive, Member of the Armed Forces, Outdoor Pursuits Leader, Paramedic , Police Officer, or a Prison Officer.

Case Study

Name: Emma Duckworth Studied: Military Preparation Course Where is she now?: Currently in Phase One (basic) training with the Army (Royal Artillery)    

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Course Title Qualification Level
Public Services Level 3 BTEC Diploma Level 3
Public Services (Military Academy) Level 1 Diploma Level 1
Public Services Level 2 Diploma Level 2

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