Sport/Uniformed Services Entry Level
Type: Vocational
Entry Requirements: GCSE profile of grade 1/F, G and Us OR Entry Level 2 qualification, school reference and successful interview. Exceptions may be made for students with no qualifications.
Start Date: September 2020
Length: 1 Year
Course Overview

To help prepare you for a higher level course, the Entry Level programme combines the following topics:

  • English
  • Maths
  • IT
  • Study Skills
  • A vocational option
  • Work experience

The courses are offered at different levels, depending on your individual needs. You will start on the level that is right for you based upon your qualifications, skills and experience, and work your way up.

You will also receive personalised support from our team of specially trained teaching staff and Support Assistants.

What will I learn?

For your chosen vocational option, you will also study a range of topics which may include:

  • Taking part in sport
  • Planning for and taking part in a visit
  • Working in a team
  • Learning the body works
  • Introduction to security work in the uniformed services
  • Introduction to healthy eating
  • Taking part in exercise and fitness
  • Completing a uniformed services project
  • Researching a tourist destination
  • Careers in this sector
How will the course be assessed?

Written assignments, exams and practical assessments.


At NCC we’re committed to ensuring that your studies are career focused and are linked to your future goals. Develop a new skill, learn how to be a leader, volunteer for a good cause and keep fit through sport. Enhance your learning and make the most of the array of activities on offer to help you stand out from the crowd when applying for university, an Apprenticeship or a job.


Materials and other information

Alongside all programmes, students will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities from trips and visits, to enterprise activities and fundraising. You may also have the opportunity to complete work experience within your chosen career area.


As part of your study programme you will undertake relevant work experience linked to your career aspiration. This experience is designed to expand your skills, develop your CV and develop industry contacts. You will have support tin finding your placement through your tutors and our dedicated careers team.

Progression and Careers

Students can progress onto a Level 1 qualification in either Sport or Uniformed Services.

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