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Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

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Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance (CEIAG)

We can’t claim to be a ‘career focused college’ without offering you the guidance needed to ensure you find the career that’s right for you. That’s why we have a dedicated team of specialist careers advisors at the campus who, along with your tutor, can give you guidance about what’s right for you. They are available to help you before you enrol at college, whilst on your course and when you are coming to the end of your time with us. The team supports hundreds of people every year offering impartial information, advice and guidance in order to help plan their progression to further or higher education study or into employment. Many return to the college after leaving us to thank the team for their support and to let them know what they achieved with their help. Best of all, it’s completely free!

They can offer help with:

  • Finding supported employment
  • Finding volunteering opportunities
  • Getting onto the right course, be that in college, an apprenticeship or moving onto higher education
  • Offering support and assistance with C.V. and letter writing
  • Showing you helpful career related resources
  • Showing you where job opportunities are and what the local and national job market looks like
  • Supporting you to make the right decisions about your future
  • Supporting you with job searches
  • Working with you to plan your journey into your career

The following document includes information on our Careers Programme and lists the main events that you may encounter during your time at Nelson and Colne College and what support is provided:
ARC Careers Programme 2018-19.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

What is LMI?
LMI effectively describes the world of work – ranging from descriptions of different careers, their entry routes, promotional prospects, salaries paid, skills and qualifications needed, etc. Crucially for young people, LMI also covers future demand – what kinds of jobs will be in demand after leaving school and what kinds of skills will be needed.

Why is LMI Important to Young People?

‘It is vital, in an environment where new industries are emerging and many of the most important jobs of the future don’t yet exist, that individuals have access to high-quality labour market information and earnings data to underpin their choices’. Anne Milton MP

Careerometer – A tool to compare jobs

Use the Careerometer below to compare different jobs — salary, working hours, etc.

Just click the dotted square. Type in the first career that you think you might be interested in and select from the drop-down list, then add your second choice to see the comparison.

Useful links

Labour Market Information (LMI) Careers enterprise LMI hub

National Careers Service

Careers Advice for Parents

How to find us:

The Career Guidance Team situated within Info+ located in the Broad Oak Building of the main campus.

Careers Leader:
Wendy Higgin, Vice Principal

For more information you can contact us by the means below:

In writing to:
Accrington and Rossendale College
Broad Oak Campus
Broad Oak Road

Call: 01254 354354

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