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How we make decisions

How We Make Decisions – Accrington & Rossendale College

Role descriptions

How we make decisions and role descriptions can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Corporation member role description

College Governance

Governance is the term used to describe the work and responsibilities of the College’s Corporation Board (Governing Body) and its relationships with College Senior Leadership Team and the College’s stakeholders – students, staff, employers, government agencies and the local communities. The Corporation Board is, in general terms, responsible for:

  • Determining the college’s  vision, mission and Strategic Aims
  • The educational character of the college
  • Ensuring that the college remains financially sound and that it has sufficient resources to fulfil its mission
  • Ensuring that the business of the college is conducted in an efficient, effective, legal and ethical manner and that the college offers a safe, healthy and supportive environment to all its students and staff.

The Corporation Board has 20 members: 15 independent external members, the College Principal, two members elected by the staff and two student members. They form a team with a broad range of skills and experience. The independent members are unpaid volunteers who live and / or work in our local communities.

The most important function of the Board is to ensure that the College has a successful future and that it continues to fulfil its mission to serve our communities. The Board does not get involved in the day to day management of the College. This is the responsibility of the Principal, the two Vice-Principals and the College Directors who make up the Senior Leadership Team. The Board appoints the Principal and Vice-Principals and agrees strategic plans setting out how the College’s mission will be achieved. The Principal and her team are then responsible for implementing the plans and reporting progress to the Board.

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