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Who we are and what we do

How the Institution is organised

An organisation chart, summarising the College’s management structure is available on request.

Location and Contact details

Location and contact details may be found on the general contacts page.

Legal Framework

Accrington and Rossendale College has a long history, but its current legal status stems from the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, as amended by the Learning and Skills Act 2000. The 1992 Act established Accrington and Rossendale College, like all other FE colleges, as an independent Corporation with exempt charity status. The Acts specify the purpose of colleges and to a large extent how they should operate.

What this means is that legally the college Corporation, the Board of Governors, owns the college’s buildings and other assets, employs the staff and is responsible for how the college is run. However, it must operate within the framework resulting from the 1992 Act. This is set out in the Instrument and Articles of Government, which define the powers, membership, role and responsibilities of the college Corporation.

The Corporation must also comply with general laws relating to employment, equality and diversity, and health and safety, as well as various financial memoranda and other agreements required as a condition of the college’s funding.  Whilst it is not a legal requirement, governors are expected to comply with the Principles of Public Life set out by the Nolan Committee.


The Governing Board has a number of committees whose role is to assist it by considering various issues in detail and making recommendations to the Board.

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee is responsible for financial, employment and investment polocies. Click here to download the committee’s terms of reference.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of financial controls, making recommendations for the appointment of internal and external auditors, supervising the auditors’ work and responding to their reports. Click here to download the committee’s terms of reference.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for the annual appraisal of the Senior Postholders (Principal, Deputy Principal and Clerk to the Corporation) and for making recommendations concerning their pay and conditions. Click here to download the committee’s terms of reference.

Search & Governance Committee

The Search Committee is responsible for reviewing the Board membership, seeking potential governors and making recommendations for appointments to the Board. Click here to download the committee’s terms of reference.

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