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Student FAQ’s

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Student FAQ’s

Please click here to view our full and part-time courses available.

Please contact us on 01254 354 354 / for more informations or with any questions you may have.

What courses are available at college? +

Click here to see our full and part-time courses. Contact the Information & Guidance Team on 01254 354 354 / if you cannot find what you are looking for or need to ask any questions.

Am I too old to learn? +

No, you are never too old to learn! It is important to remember that education is a lifelong learning experience and can help you to kick start a career, progress in employment or fill in any education gaps you may need. The Information & Guidance Team can help you to find the right course at the right level for your personal needs.

Do I need to pay course fees? +

It depends on your course and can sometimes depend on your circumstances. Read about the different ways you can pay for your course here.

Can I study with the College and still claim benefits? +

This will depend on the type of benefit you receive. Many of our students study successfully on part-time courses. In some cases advertised full-time courses can be adapted to meet part-time hours for adult learners. Please speak with a member of the Information & Guidance Team to discuss your individual need and remember to discuss any potential learning with your Job Centre+ advisor.

Can I apply for more than one course? +

Yes you can always apply for our courses and we will be happy to discuss these options with you. Please contact the Information & Guidance Team so we can look at your individual requirements and suggest appropriate pathways.

Can I apply for more than one course? +

Yes, but bear in mind that it isn’t always possible to study two courses at the same time due to:

  • Funding restrictions
  • Timetable clashes
When are your open evenings? +

You can find details of open days and evenings here.

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