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Dress for Success

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Dress for Success

65% of employers think clothing can be the 65% deciding factor between two candidates


Choose a style which you feel comfortable with, which looks neat and tidy. A simply ponytail for example.

This should be kept minimal, you want to make the right impression so don’t go overboard.

Jewellery should be kept to basics like a ring, bracelet or a wrist watch. Avoid anything which obscures the view of your face like a hat or sunglasses.

Shirt or Blouse
Always ensure you wear a comfortable fitting shirt or blouse to your interview; you don’t want to feel self-conscious and distracted during your interview.

Skirt or Trousers
A long skirt or pair of tapered trousers are an interview wardrobe ‘must have’ to ensure you have a complete ‘tailored’ look.

Shoes should be kept plain, simple, clean and most importantly comfortable, as you don’t know how far you have to walk to the interview.


A haircut is a good idea before an interview, it will make you appear tidier. If you have facial hair make sure it’s well groomed.

Keep added extras to a minimum – you don’t want any jewellery on display to be prominent and distracting to the interviewer.

Shirt & Tie
A plain ironed shirt with a simple tie will come across as professional.

The Suit
Your suit should fit you properly and make you feel as though you’re ready to WOW your new employer.

Socks & Shoes
The best option for shoes if you are unsure is black. Make sure they are clean and polished. Socks should be a dark colour to blend in with your shoes.

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