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AccRoss College’s Higher Education team are here to support you to find suitable accommodation while you study with us. Accrington and the surrounding area have many flats and houses available to rent at low cost prices.

If you have any questions about looking for a property, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 354 047 or 01254 354 117

Please note: The information contained on this page is just a guide and it is your responsibility to check the accommodation and the associated contracts that go with it.

Our top tips for you…

Higher Education Team Support +

Whilst the Higher Education team can support you to find accommodation, it is your decision as to what meets your requirements and your responsibility to work with a landlord and negotiate your contract. We can give you details of local estate agents and landlords, however you need to take full responsibility for the process.

To support you with finding accommodation and ensuring you have considered all legal and comfort requirements, we have put an information sheet together.

We are also operating a ‘buddy up’ scheme. This is where we will attempt to match students together if you prefer to share a property. If you are interested in this scheme, please contact the Higher Education Team and we will discuss this option with you.

A list of points to consider has been put together for you. This, however, is by no means a complete guide and it may be that you have additional questions to ask a prospective landlord.

Property Search +

The key is to be organised! Try to make appointments to look at potential properties in the daylight and consider how much you can afford. You may be expected to pay gas and electricity bills and water rates if these are not included in your contract. Make sure you ask this before viewing the property.

It is worth asking the landlord if you can take a copy of the contract away to read before you sign it. Consider looking at a few different properties so you can compare the accommodation.

Damage Deposit +

Some landlord may charge a damage deposit before the tenancy. It will be returned once you leave the property provided the property has not been damaged and you have kept up to date with the rent payments.

Insurance +

It is the landlords responsibility to insure the property. You will need to insure your own possessions and furniture.

Television Licence +

If you live alone you will need a tv licence. If you decide to share a property with other students, you will each need a licence if you have tv’s in your own rooms.

However, if you have one television in a communal area, you will only need one tv licence. If you plan to watch tv on a laptop, computer or mobile you will also need to apply for a television licence.

Council Tax +

If only full time students live in the property, you will be exempt from Council Tax. However, you will need to check this with the landlord.

Things to consider and questions to ask +
  • How much is the rent? Can I afford this?
  • Is the property furnished?
  • Do I fully understand the terms and conditions of the contract?
  • Will the gas, electricity and water bills be included in the rent?
  • Is there a damage deposit to pay?
  • Does the property look in good condition?
  • If I am not living in the property during the Summer, do I need to pay a retainer? If so, how much is it?
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