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Learning Resources on Campus

We think you deserve the best possible facilities, which is why we’ve invested millions to bring you a campus designed for the 21st century. We aim to provide Learning Resources on Campus and an environment which will allow you to reach your potential.

Computer access +

All students have access to one of the fastest growing and most exciting computer systems in the country. The College currently operates a network of approximately 1,200 computers. Access to the college’s intranet is available from home and in local libraries. Within the college both full and part-time students have free internet access.

AccRoss computer network +

The College’s computer facility is for everyone to use. Computer access points are located in workshops, Library+, the Information+ Centre and in many classrooms. The College computer network contains a vast range of software packages in areas such as word-processing, spreadsheets, databases and desk-top publishing.

Additional information is available for research and is on the internet via the Virtual Library (located on itslearning) eg: The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, The Observer, The Independent, Encyclopaedias and the works of Shakespeare. The College is constantly updating various tutorial packages that you can access. These allow you to learn at your own pace.

Free Wi-Fi +

The college campus has high speed Wi-Fi which is available to all students who register, meaning you can surf the internet and e-mail from your laptop, mobile phone or any other wi-fi enabled device.

Assistive Technology +

Our facilities don’t stop with computers. Accrington and Rossendale College is a national leader in assistive technology, ensuring that whatever style of learning our students require, we can meet their needs. This includes specialist software and peripherals.

Library+ +

As part of our multi-million pound redevelopment, we have a state-of-the-art Library+, staffed with friendly and helpful people and filled with the latest facilities, giving you everything you’d find in a traditional library and much, much more…

  • Access to high specification computers – all with internet capabilities
  • Group and silent study areas to cater for a variety of learning styles
  • Books, journals, magazines and newspapers
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Photocopiers, scanners, colour printing, video and DVD players
  • Late opening times on some evenings

At the heart of Library+ is the study support centre where students can access support for study skills, specialist tutor support and assistive I.T. support. Students from all areas of College from foundation and entry level through to degree level, access this facility making it a vibrant and dynamic place to study with helpful, qualified staff available for all aspects of support.

The student refectories and shop +

No one likes to study on an empty stomach and you now have three separate places to enjoy the fantastic food available from the College.

‘Down Tools’ is the construction and technology block’s refectory while ‘The Interval’ acts as the main cafeteria for the rest of the campus. Both serve large menus of traditional food in addition to healthy options designed to fit in with a busy lifestyle.

‘The Study Break’ is the College’s popular shop where you can get a range of snacks, sandwiches and drinks. The shop also serves Starbucks coffee.

All three maintain a high standard of quality, but also offer outstanding value for money to ensure your finances stretch as far as possible.

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