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Study Options and Programmes

Higher Education Degree Options

We recognise that every student has their own individual needs and it is important to provide higher education programmes that suit you and your requirements.

We provide full and part-time study routes for many of our higher education courses and support is available for many students returning to education. Please see the sections below for more details.

Support is available at all levels to help you succeed with your studies. This includes personal tutorial support and guidance. You can find more information about student support here.

Full-time study +

The majority of Honours and Foundation Degree programmes are available to study on a full-time basis. Our experienced and highly qualified lecturers and reduced class sizes, provide a learning experience to rival many universities.

Studying at a local college can reduce the high costs often associated with studying at university. We provide full-time higher education programmes validated by prestigious universities.


Part-time study +

Some of the higher education and professional programmes are available to study on a part-time basis. Part-time study programmes are ideal for people that have work or family commitments and want to pursue a higher education qualification.


Mature students +

Our university centre welcomes applications from adult students of all ages to join our rewarding and supportive higher education community.

A lack of formal qualifications need not prevent you from entering higher education, as we take many other factors into account when you apply. Mature students will therefore receive sympathetic consideration on application, and programme lecturers are happy to advise potential applicants.

All mature students can enquire directly about courses in the first instance, although full-time applicants will have to submit their application through UCAS.

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