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Levels Explained

As well as choosing the subject area you want to study, you will also need to make important decisions about the level and type of course which will be best for you.

Our courses are available at different levels, which mean you can start at whatever stage is right for you and progress to Higher Education or employment.

The level you study at will depend on the GCSE grades you get (especially GCSE English and Maths) or levels you have already achieved.

Level Qualifications
8 Specialist qualifications such as PhDs
7 Master Degrees, Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas
6 Bachelors Degrees such as BA or BSc
5 Foundation Degrees and HNDs
4 HNCs and Diplomas
3 A-Levels, NVQs, Certificates, BTECs and Apprenticeships
2 GCSEs (grade A*-C), NVQs, BTECs and Apprenticeships
1 GCSEs (grade D-G), Certificates and BTECs
Entry Foundations and Entry Level courses develop skills and increase confidence

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