What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship gives you hands-on experience, a salary and the opportunity to train while you work. Apprenticeships are equivalent to a full-time academic qualification and there are a wide range of areas you can complete an Apprenticeship in.

What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship?

  • Earning a salary
  • Training in the skills employers want
  • 20% of your time is set aside for learning
  • Excellent progression opportunities
  • Increased future earning potential
  • Better long term salary prospects
  • Learning at a pace suited to you with the support of a mentor
  • Gain official certification of skills equivalent to qualifications ranging from Level 2 up to degree level
  • Paid holidays

What grades do I need to do an Apprenticeship?

Intermediate Apprenticeship
4 GCSEs at grade 3 or above (one of these must be in English or Mathematics) or equivalent.

Advanced Apprenticeship
5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above (one of these must be in English or Mathematics) or successful completion of an Intermediate Apprenticeship, or equivalent. These requirements are subject to change and may also differ to meet the needs of the employer. As well as a College interview, progression onto an Apprenticeship is subject to an employer interview. Don’t worry if you don’t get the required grades, we can work with you to find a suitable route on to your Apprenticeship.

How much do I get paid?

All Apprentices receive at least the National Apprenticeship Minimum Wage in the first year, however some employers do choose to pay more.

How many hours a week do I work?

This is dependent on the employer and the role the Apprentice is undertaking.

Am I guaranteed a job?

No, however Government data shows that nationally 90% of Apprentices stay in employment after finishing their Apprenticeship, with many staying with the same employer, offering you a real future.

How long will it last?

Apprenticeships typically last for one to four years depending on the area of study. The majority of Apprenticeships last for two years.

What do employers expect from an Apprentice?

All Apprentices are expected to conduct themselves professionally in the workplace and must be conscientious in their work,attendance and timekeeping. Our unique Talent Pool package will help guide you in developing the skills and qualities desired by employers, however a desire to work and further your skills is essential!

What does an Apprenticeship involve?

Training combines off the job study (usually at College) with learning and development in the workplace.

Can an Apprenticeship lead to university?

Yes! A growing number of Apprentices also go onto Higher Apprenticeships to gain degree level qualifications, but without the expense of going to university.