The best investment you can make for your business…

The best investment you can make for your business…

This is an exciting time for employers. Recent Apprenticeship reform has placed employers in the driving seat – enabling them to place tailored Apprenticeships at the heart of their business to support business and workforce success.

The way to access Apprenticeship training and funding has recently changed. Employers who do not pay the Apprenticeship levy must now register and set up an account on the Government’s Apprenticeship Service portal to manage your training and reserve Government funding and incentives online.

Your Apprenticeship Service account will provide access to a range of services and allow you to select the training that is right for you.


Talk to us..

Your Nelson and Colne College advisor can support you and send an invitation link to you from our portal in order to help you set this up.We can also help with providing information on the range of Apprenticeship Standards available to help your team develop.

We can also support you with:

● Apprenticeship Levy

● Funding for smaller businesses

● Financial incentives

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Did you know…

Apprentices deliver measurable financial impact to your business. Speak to one of our team today to find out more!