Here at College, sustainability is important to us. We have a core aim to embrace the Government’s net zero carbon ambitions and to reshape our impact on the environment in all that we do, through our operations, decisions, and most importantly through our curriculum.

Each year we become more digital, and even more so due to the ongoing global pandemic, we have dedicated a lot of our resources to developing our eLearning and online access to our campuses and systems.

In a time when climate change is rife, and sea levels are rising, it’s important for us to take the necessary steps in making the world around us a more sustainable place.

It can be difficult to know where to start. There’s so much advice out there and it can be tricky working out how you can make a difference on your own. It’s important to remember that you are capable of huge change and can be part of a movement that is striving to save the planet. If everyone made tiny changes to their lives, the world as we know it would change significantly, it’s all about taking small steps towards a better planet!

If you are unsure how you can become more sustainable, then look no further! Here at College we are here to help you in any way we can. Here are just some of our ideas on how you can contribute to a cleaner, greener world!

Top tips on being more sustainable as a student

Stick to using recyclable and reusable materials. Becoming more sustainable means not throwing things away after just one use. Rather than using money to buy single use plastics such as bottled water from a shop, why not use that money to buy yourself a reusable water bottle? There is plenty of affordable options, and don’t forget a lot of online stores offer student discount! We are incredibly lucky in Lancashire to have water that does not necessarily need to be filtered after it leaves the tap, so make the most of free tap water! Products like wax paper can be used as a replacement for tin foil.

Walk/cycle to your destination. If you take your car to College, why not try cycling there instead? Where possible, cycling and/or walking more not only helps the environment but also helps you to stay healthy and active. By minimising your car usage, you are contributing to the decline in CO2 emissions while staying active!

Become a sustainability champion. Do you use your social media platforms to promote sustainability messages? You could start sharing posts to your story that inspire others. Don’t underestimate your own voice and use your platform for good. The further a post goes around the world of social media, the more chance it has of getting the message across. Maybe you’ve seen some top tips recently on how to be more green on Instagram – give it a share and send it onto your friends!

Cut down on meat consumption. The meat industry is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so we need to start looking at how much meat we eat. We know that going vegan or vegetarian isn’t a viable option for everyone, but where possible it’s important to cut down on your weekly meat consumption. Even taking part in Meat Free Mondays would make a huge impact! Maybe suggest a meat free day each week in your household and see how you get on, these small steps can help make a huge difference.

Shop responsibly. The rise in fast fashion over the past decade has been a huge contributor to the world becoming less sustainable. Think before you buy another piece of clothing from a popular, cheaper brand. Charity shops are full of inexpensive, fashionable pieces. Fashion trends repeat themselves regularly, so you could buy something on-trend now for much cheaper and not contribute to a fast fashion brand! Check out websites such as Depop and eBay for bargains too.

Use less paper. Think before you print off another 10 page word document, or buy another notepad that you might not use. Check out free notes websites such as OneNote for easily accessed notes that can be filed away properly. Google has a plethora of free resources from Docs to Sheets, you can use these if you have a Google account and have free storage for all of your documents! Make the swap and take the decision to turn your world into a more paper free one.

Join in. Organisations need your support! Donate your time or money where you can, it helps organisations that are trying to create a more sustainable world. Check out their top tips and share their voices for them. Follow inspiring people like Greta Thunberg and see how you can get involved in your local community. Every voice makes a difference and YOU matter!

We hope you find these tips useful. Remember to make a conscious effort wherever you can to be more sustainable in your daily life – every single person makes a difference, so be sure to do your bit for the planet!

We’ll see you again soon for our next blog!

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