Think an Apprenticeship might be for you? Don’t worry the Apprenticeship Team here at Nelson and Colne College Group are here to support you every step of your journey … so what are you waiting for?

Step 1 : Your College interview

Once you’ve applied for an Apprenticeship, you will be invited into the College to have an interview for the sector you’ve chosen to complete your Apprenticeship in.

Step 2 : Assessing your skills

Following your interview, our Team will work with you to provide 1:1 support in helping you to be ‘employment ready’. We will help you identify the skills you may need to develop before being put forward for an Apprenticeship vacancy.

Step 3 : Developing your skills

Working with you and your individual needs, we will provide you with opportunities to attend relevant sessions such as CV Workshops, Interview Preparation, Communication Skills, and more. Read TOP TIPS for writing your CV here.

Step 4 : Live vacancies

Once you are ready, our expert team will work with you to ensure you secure an Apprenticeship that is aligned to your career aims. All our latest Apprentice vacancies can be found here.

Step 5 : Employer Interview

Upon being shortlisted for an Apprenticeship vacancy, the Apprenticeship Team will arrange a specialised interview preparation session, to ensure you are as prepared as possible for your upcoming interview with your prospective employer.

Step 6 : Ongoing support

The team will continue to work with you until you are successfully matched with an employer. Alternatively, we can get you started with a qualification to get you on the right track, where you can transfer to an Apprenticeship later down the line, once an opportunity becomes available.

For everything you need to know about starting an Apprenticeship, download our Apprenticeship Guide here.




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