Accrington and Rossendale College leading the way – with liquid nitrogen!

Accrington and Rossendale College are leading the way in the North West. On Tuesday 24th April, BSc Sports Science and Coaching students visited the first and only cryotherapy clinic in the UK – Cryo Express.

Now in their second year, the students visited the company to gain knowledge and understanding about the futuristic technology of cryotherapy: the use of sub-zero liquid nitrogen for sports, cosmetic and health reasons.

The students were accompanied by Programme Leader of Sports Science and Coaching, Gareth Henry. He said:

“It was really important for us to get the students in to a place like this. Even if you take away the educational side of the visit, it enriches them. It puts them in good stead. They are the first students in the North West, likely the UK actually, to get up close and personal with this form of therapy and the equipment. There are many unique opportunities presented to students by the college.”

Accrington and Rossendale College organised the trip in the hopes some of the students would choose to focus on cryotherapy in their upcoming research projects.

“Cryotherapy being the subject matter in research projects this year would be great,” Gareth added, “not only will it be something a little different to those done in previous years, but with the calibre of the company it’s likely students would be working with elite athletes – giving them an amazing insight in to what they could be doing upon completing their degree.”

Nargis Malik and Debs Masson, joint partners and directors of Cryo Express, were enthused to have students at the company for the afternoon.

Debs commented:

“The end goal really is to have a module about cryotherapy embedded in the programme taught at Accrington and Rossendale College. It was absolutely fantastic to have them in today, both Nargis and I really enjoyed it! We look forward to hopefully having them come back.”

Four of the students were able to experience a three minute session in the cryotherapy capsule. For the duration of the session they were treated with liquid nitrogen at a chilly -160°c.

Student, Declan West, said about his experience:

“I was quite nervous before going in but it wasn’t too bad once in the machine. It wasn’t uncomfortable or painful, just really cold! I really enjoyed visiting Cryo Express and learning about this therapy. Accrington and Rossendale College have opened up a lot of doors for me and enabled me to experience many things that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.”

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