Accrington and Rossendale College support students returning to education with Food Share

Food Share

For many adults who are considering returning to education, balancing budgets as a student can be a daunting prospect – Accrington and Rossendale College have come up with a solution with their weekly food share group.

Taking place once a week at the college campus, the food share group is an initiative created to support people in education, ensuring food is easily accessible and affordable for those who may struggle to buy elsewhere. It also creates an opportunity to engage with many different people from the community and to make new friends. The group’s greatest purpose is to reduce food waste and thereby reducing perfectly fine food going into landfill.

It is run by one member of staff and groups of volunteers and/or current students undertaking a Warehousing qualification. The College works with Food Share via Recycle Lives in Preston where food is purchased, picked up and set out ready for distribution each Wednesday morning.

Angela Griffiths based in Church, a student and Food Share group user, told us:

“Returning to education as an adult who already has a job can be scary – it can be difficult to budget with limited money. The food share group is great; it helps me feed my family while I study to make a better life for them and get off minimum wage.”

Not only does the initiative help those in need, but also results in less waste going to landfill.

Graham Jones MP visited the food share on Wednesday 22 August, he commented:

“This is a worthy initiative, particularly benefitting those who are wanting a change of career as an adult learner but are worried about how they will manage their budget. Not only that but it’s a great incentive for businesses in and around the local area to help reduce their own food waste; instead of putting it in the bins at the end of the day.”

Accrington and Rossendale College is incredibly proud to be providing such a resource. Charlotte Scheffmann, Assistant Principal, commented:

“It’s needed, to put it simply. We have the opportunity and the resources to enable the food share group to happen. It’s important, as education providers, to also give our students and the community we serve the opportunity to have access to vital basic necessities. It isn’t just food either. We have had everything from toothpaste to chocolate Easter eggs to give to people attending the food share group. It all comes in handy! We hope to continue this project as long as we can and owe a huge thank you to our volunteers who are just amazing.”