Accrington and Rossendale College
TUE - 28/03/2023
09:30 to 16:30
1 week course

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Course Overview

This 1 day accredited course is designed for those who have a specific responsibility at work, to provide first aid in a range of emergency first aid situations. It will enable learners to act as an appointed person, take charge of the First Aid arrangements, including looking after the equipment, calling for the Emergency Services and confidently dealing with specific first aid situations. It is also ideal for people who have a specific responsibility to provide basic first aid in voluntary and community activities. Learners will complete practical assessments and a final multiple-choice theory paper to demonstrate competency, knowledge and skills in emergency first aid.

What will I learn?

1. Define the roles and responsibilities of a first aider.
2. Demonstrate a primary survey & effective incident & casualty assessment.
3. Deliver effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an adult utilising a defibrillator (AED).
4. Demonstrate the safe handling of an unconscious casualty into the recovery position.
5. Recognise and respond to a casualty that is choking using the 3 staged approach.
6. Recognise and respond to a casualty that is bleeding and in shock.
7. Identify and respond to minor injuries and common first aid situations.
8. Recognise and respond to a casualty with a burn.
9. Recognise and respond to a casualty having a seizure
10.Identify further learning opportunities.

How will the course be assessed?

You will learn in a variety of ways:

• Active listening and discussion
• Paired and group tasks
• Participation in practical exercises
• Personal reflection and action planning
• Access to Apps, websites and Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment) will be provided so you can complete some tasks during the session on-line, and access the resources after the session has ended to extend your learning.
• Research and peer teaching.

Materials and other information

Please wear appropriate clothing to participate in the practical activities.

The Additional Learning Support Team work across college supporting students with a variety of learning needs in different ways. Support can be requested at enrolment or at any point throughout your course. For more information telephone 0333 0031717 or email als@nelsongroup.ac.uk

Progression and Careers

• Your teacher will use a range of activities to review your knowledge on the subject and identify any gaps and additional information required
• You will also receive verbal and written feedback from the teacher during the session
• The Individual Learning Plan includes an opportunity for you to assess your knowledge at the start of the session and again at the end against the content. This allows you to identify how much you have learnt and where you might need to do further study or research.
• You will also be supported to set individual targets for the course based on your personal goals and aspirations.


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