MON - 14/11/2022
18:00 to 21:00
10 week course
20 Places Remaining
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MON - 27/02/2023
09:30 to 12:00
12 week course
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Course Overview

"This Level 1 accredited qualification is designed to prepare learners for further learning and training, whilst developing an understanding of the health and safety aspects when working with young children, how to plan and prepare activities which will support children’s learning and development and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.
The qualification is aimed at a range of learners who are thinking of working in an early years setting. This course is ideal for anyone wishing to progress onto further childcare qualifications.
Learners do not need to be working or undertaking practical placements to take this qualification.
• This course will be delivered via live weekly sessions and our online learning site, ‘Moodle’. You will study from the comfort of your own home.
• Once you have enrolled you will be sent information on how to get started on Moodle and access the live sessions.
• Your tutor will be on hand throughout the course to offer you support, feedback and guidance.
• For this course, you will ideally have an email address and access to the internet via either a Smart phone, tablet or computer. You will need to be able to understand how to follow URL links to pages on the internet.
• This course is for beginners.
• You will need to talk to your course teacher and do a short activity to make sure the course is right for you. This will be carried out after enrolment during week 1 of the course."

What will I learn?

"All units need to be to completed and cover the following topics:
Unit CFC 24 Practical health and safety when with young children
1. Know about health guidelines and instructions Know about health and safety equipment which helps keep children safe
2. Know about fire safety when with young children
3. Know about fire safety when with young children
Unit CFC 26 Craft activities for young children
1. Know the benefits of craft activities for young children
2. Understand health and safety when providing craft activities for young children
3. Know the learning which young children can gain from craft activities
Unit CFC 27 Understanding learning and development through play
1. Understand the features of a positive learning environment
2. Understand how play can help children’s learning and development
3. Understand how play activities can avoid stereotyping and discrimination
Unit HL 1 Healthy Living
1. Understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle
2. Demonstrate how they can contribute to own healthy lifestyle
3. Review the activities undertaken to maintain a healthy lifestyle"

How will the course be assessed?

This course will be delivered online via a live session on a weekly basis delivered by the course teacher. There will be a range of group, individual and paired activities linked to the course criteria to enable you to meet the requirements. The course will have a range of assessment activities to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. The course is assessed through portfolio which is internally marked by Lancashire Adult Learning and then externally marked by a CACHE assessor.

Materials and other information

"The Additional Learning Support Team work across college supporting learners with a variety of learning needs in different ways. Support can be requested at enrolment or at any point throughout your course. For more information telephone 0300 123 6711 or email als@lal.ac.uk

This course usually runs for 12 weeks for 2.5 hours each week. All 4 units need to be completed to achieve the award. It is important that you attend regularly to be able to achieve the qualification successfully. The first session is 'Welcome Week' during which you will have the opportunity to find out about the course and discuss what you hope to learn. "

Progression and Careers

During the course, you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress with the teacher and feedback will be provided. You will also be encouraged to provide course feedback to your teacher, and take part in end of course evaluation.