Accrington & Rossendale College
MON - 04/09/2023
18:00 to 21:00
32 week course
10 Places Remaining
Course Overview

Free to UK resident for 3 years and don't have a GCSE at Grade 4/C

In GCSE English you will get to study the underpinning skills needed for academic reading and writing, to set you up for a fantastic future. We develop your skills in analysing language, critically evaluating texts, comparing ideas and viewpoints alongside creative and viewpoint writing. All the skills for success in employment, industry, university and in life. This free* course expands your opportunities and increases your horizons.

This course is offered in two streams: a fast-track intensive (Only students identified as being strong candidates on the initial assessment will be offered the fast-track pathway.) and a year-long course.

How will the course be assessed?

The course has two specific focuses, developing your understanding and responses to unseen texts:
• Explorations in creative reading and writing (Fiction paper 1) - 1Hr 35 Min Exam
• Writers' viewpoints and perspectives (Non fiction paper 2) - 1Hr 35 Min Exam

Alongside the two external examinations held there is a spoken language endorsement which does not count towards any final grade but is a presentation on a topic of your choice assessed by your teacher. This allows you to showcase your new skills and enhance your spoken delivery. This is to help your thrive in interviews, proposals, and pitches of any kind.

Materials and other information

There may be fees for this course if you have previously studied GCSE English and achieved a grade 4 or C and above.

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