OLFLEX - 04/09/2023
12 week course
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Course Overview

This qualification aims to develop learner’s knowledge and skills in the area of children and young people’s mental health. Learners will develop their understanding of the factors that can affect mental health and a range of conditions experienced by children and young people.

These may be learners who wish to access this training with a view to progressing to further qualifications or employment within health and social care, to complement other qualifications within health or health and social care, or to develop in their current job role within health and social care.

What will I learn?

This qualification consists of the following 5 mandatory units:

• Understand children and young people’s mental health in context
• Understand factors which may affect children and young people’s mental health
• Understand children and young people’s mental health concerns
• Understand the impact of children and young people’s mental health concerns
• Understand how to support children and young people with mental health concerns

During the course learners will develop their understanding of the concept of mental health and how society’s view of mental health has changed over time.

Learners will explore the risk factors that can affect young people’s mental health and the behaviours displayed that may indicate a mental health concern.

The course will cover the importance of diagnosis and the reasons why children and young people may be reluctant to seek a diagnosis of their mental health.

Person-centred approaches to support will be highlighted alongside how to promote mental well-being, and the services and treatment involved with children mental health.

Learners will find out more about each condition including warning signs and symptoms and investigate the impact it can have in an individual’s life. They will investigate treatment methods and management options available.

How will the course be assessed?

Learners will be given access to a comprehensive online learning platform which will provide them with detailed knowledge and information to support their successful completion of each unit.

Further self-directed research is encouraged to expand learner’s understanding of key topics.

Materials and other information

The Additional Learning Support Team work across college supporting students with a variety of learning needs in different ways. Support can be requested at enrolment or at any point throughout your course. For more information about ALS or for support booking on to a course telephone 0333 0031717.

Progression and Careers

· Clear deadlines will be provided for each unit to ensure the qualification is completed within the set time frame.
· Completion and progress on each unit is clearly identified on the learner’s online dashboard.
· Learners will receive regular written feedback throughout the course including opportunities for further development.

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