What is Access to Employment?

The Access to Employment programme supports unemployed or inactive people over the age of 19 to progress into employment, apprenticeships or further training as well as providing support to businesses to recruit new staff.

Key features and benefits of the programme:

  • training is linked to employment opportunities to meet the needs of recruiting employers.
  • tailored support to address personal and social barriers to sustain employment and/or training through coaching, mentoring, job searching, CV tips and interview techniques, literacy, numeracy, ESOL and ICT training.
  • help with purchasing tools, equipment, travel and childcare.
  • tailored courses to develop skills and employment aspirations.
  • Lancashire wide delivery through a network of local colleges, training and specialist providers.

For more information on how Access to Employment can help please visit: http://www.access-to-employment.co.uk/success-stories/ or call 01282 440 341.

Access to Employment is funded by the European Social Fund and delivered through the Lancashire Employment Skills Executive Partnership.