We believe that as parents/guardians you play a vital role in ensuring your son/daughter’s success.

College culture is different to school life, and students will notice a difference in the way their day is organised and how they are expected to organise themselves. They may have parts of the day where they have free time, and we encourage them to use these “study periods” to complete work in our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) or Study Zone. This is a vital part of College life to ensure deadlines are not missed. If your son/daughter is struggling in organising their time, meeting assignment deadlines, or adapting to College life, then please encourage them to talk to their personal tutor, course leader, or any of their tutors. You could also contact Student Services and talk to our Student Support team. Our one aim is for students to be happy, safe and successful.

Many students have part-time jobs while they are at College, and while this can prove useful in helping them gain experience and money, evidence indicates that if they work more than 10 hours per week as a full-time student, their College studies may suffer. We ask for your support with regards to part-time work, so that achievement is not negatively affected.

Our top tips for helping your son/daughter succeed during their time at ARC include:

  • Encourage your son/daughter to take part in extracurricular activities, trips, workshops, and activities to enhance their studies
  • Ask questions about College and stay interested in your child’s subjects – getting the student to talk about what they have learnt will also help them reflect and revise subconsciously
  • Phone/email tutors with any concerns. We want you to feel part of the College community
  • If possible, help your child to establish a work space at home, away from distractions. They will need to spend a substantial part of their week on their studies. If problematic, support them to use the College work spaces, as we remain open after classes and throughout holiday periods
  • Attend university open days with your son/daughter – they give you a great insight into university life and are a great family day out as well. You will be able to discuss career/degree options with your son/daughter in greater confidence. Visit opendays.com to plan your visits
  • Ensure that emergency contacts/permission forms are completed so we can contact you and arrange trips
  • Limit online activity late at night
  • Encourage students to attend all lessons, including Maths and English
  • Help with homework/E-learning activities

If you have any queries or concerns along the way, then do not hesitate in contacting the relevant tutor either via phone or email. You can contact our main switchboard by ringing 01254 389933.