OLFLEX - 04/09/2023
20 week course
20+ Places Remaining
Course Overview

This online course is designed to enable learners to develop knowledge and understanding of caring for individuals with dementia. Successful completion of the units will allow learners to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of dementia and its effects.

This qualification is designed for learners who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of dementia and dementia care.

This qualification allows you to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of dementia to support individuals diagnosed with dementia.

Achievement of this qualification will help support progression into a variety of job roles and occupational areas within health and social care, or roles in other sectors which support people with dementia.

If you’re aged 19 or over, you could access a level 3 qualification for free. This is part of the support available from the government to help you gain the skills you need to get the job you want - whatever your stage of life.

A level 3 qualification is equivalent to an advanced technical certificate or diploma, or A levels.

The qualifications could help you:

Gain skills that employers value
Improve your job prospects
Earn a higher wage

If you’re eligible, you will not have to pay for your level 3 qualification. The government will pay the course fees. For more information, and to check the full eligibility criteria see the Lifetime Skills Guarantee

What will I learn?

To achieve the Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Dementia Care qualification, you’ll need to complete 7 mandatory units:

Unit 01 Understanding dementia

Unit 02 Understand how person-centred approaches are used to underpin the care and support of individuals with dementia

Unit 03 Principles of communication and interaction in dementia care and support

Unit 04 Supporting positive interaction, occupation and activity in dementia care

Unit 05 Principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care and support

Unit 06 Understand how to support individuals with dementia to exercise choice and rights

Unit 07 Principles of the administration of medication and well-being of individuals with dementia

The objectives of this qualification are to enable learners to understand:

• Types of dementia and the importance of early diagnosis
• Person-centred approaches in dementia care
• The role of communication, interaction and inclusion in dementia care and support
• The use of medication to support individuals with dementia.

How will the course be assessed?

The course content is designed to take around 200 hours (20-24 weeks) to work through both learning and assessments.

Learners will be given access to a comprehensive online learning platform (EQUAL) which will provide them with detailed knowledge and information to support their successful completion of each unit.

A tutor will be assigned to the learner once enrolled, they will support you in your induction and be the point of support throughout the length of the course.

Further self-directed research is encouraged to expand learner’s understanding of key topics.

Materials and other information

The Additional Learning Support Team work across college supporting students with a variety of learning needs in different ways.  Support can be requested at enrolment or at any point throughout your course. For more information about ALS or for support with booking onto a course telephone 0333 0031717

Progression and Careers

Clear deadlines will be provided for each unit to ensure the qualification is completed within the set time frame.

Completion and progress on each unit is clearly identified on the learner’s online dashboard.

Learners will receive regular feedback throughout the course including opportunities for further development.

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