Our expert careers team work with young people to prepare them for the world of work and for work placement/volunteering opportunities. As an employer, you may be looking to take on a work experience student, an Apprentice, or even need support with a project and would like students to be involved.

There are many benefits to taking on young people for work placement and other opportunities.

These include:

  • Fresh ideas – reflecting the needs and interests of the next generation of customers and consumers
  • Staff development – providing opportunities for existing staff to supervise and mentor an individual
  • More engaged workforce – sending a positive message to the wider workforce about the values of the organisation
  • Talent spotting – identify and engage with young people for future recruitment opportunities

We also offer employers the opportunity to advertise any part-time job vacancies, volunteering opportunities or guest speaker events within the College. If you would like to find out more or have an opportunity you’d like to tell us about for our students, please get in touch by contacting 01254 354 037 or email info@nelsongroup.ac.uk