Hair Professional and Barbering
Starting Salary:
Qualification: NVQ
Type: Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship Overview


The demand for skilled barbers to cut and style hair is on the rise. This Apprenticeship covers all the basics of hairdressing. As a Hairdressing Apprentice, Apprentices will work as a salon junior, assisting senior staff while training as a junior stylist.

Duties are likely to include booking appointments, shampooing, conditioning, drying and styling hair, and mixing and applying hair colouring. You’ll study hairdressing topics such as hair and skin testing, the effects of chemicals on hair and skin, and the principles of hair colour selection – there’s also the option to learn about promoting products, perming, or relaxing different types of hair.

Advanced Apprentices take their learning a step further by developing their cutting and colouring skills so they can carry out all the latest fashion techniques – and maybe even determine the fashion looks of the future.


This Apprenticeship is for those interested in cutting and styling the hair of men and boys (those who also want to work on female hair should investigate the Hairdressing Apprenticeship). Apprentices also learn about (and be tested on) other issues related to barbering, like hygiene, disposing of chemicals and working in a team.

On this Apprenticeship, Apprentices will learn how to give client consultations, cut hair, trim and shape facial hair and shampoo and condition hair and scalp. Apprentices could also choose to learn how to colour hair or cut basic patterns in hair.

If you take this as an Advanced Level Apprenticeship Apprentices may learn how to carry out a shave or provide facial massage.


Entry Requirements

Intermediate Apprenticeship Apprentices will need 4 GCSEs at grade D or above in a minimum of 3 subject areas (one of these must be in English or Maths) or a relevant Level 1 qualification and Level 1 Maths and English.

Advanced Apprenticeship Apprentices will need at least 5 GCSEs at grade C or above in a minimum of 3 subject areas (one of these must be in English or Maths) or successful completion of an Intermediate Apprenticeship, or equivalent.

Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship:

  • Junior Stylist
  • Junior Barber

Advanced Level Apprenticeship:

  • Stylist
  • Hairdresser
  • Barber
  • Senior Barber


  • NVQ
  • Functional Skills
  • Technical Certificate

Assessment is through practical observation and theoretical tests.


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