Starting Salary:
Qualification: Standard
Type: Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship Overview

The main purpose of a retailer is to assist customers when they purchase products and services, which requires a good understanding of the stock being sold, the variety of ways customers can shop and the ability to process payments, for example, using a till. Retailers must be passionate about delivering a quality service that always aims to exceed customers’ expectations. Therefore, retailers enjoy direct contact with a wide range of people and are motivated by completing a sale and knowing a customer is happy with their purchase.

They can work in a variety of shops and other retail establishments: small boutiques, large high street chains, supermarkets and well-known department stores are just some examples.

More specialist retailers include funeral services, garden centres, delicatessens and people who work in remote environments for example in telephone, on-line and mail order retail. Regardless of the type of products and services being sold, a wide representation of employers from across the retail industry have defined this standard and agreed that the knowledge, skills and behaviours that apprentices must have to do their job are the same.

Entry Requirements

Intermediate Apprenticeship You will need 4 GCSEs at grade D or above in a minimum of 3 subject areas (one of these must be in English or Maths) or a relevant Level 1 qualification and Level 1 Maths and English.

Advanced Apprenticeship You will need at least 5 GCSEs at grade C or above in a minimum of 3 subject areas (one of these must be in English or Maths) or successful completion of an Intermediate Apprenticeship, or equivalent.

Higher Apprenticeships

Level 4 and 5 is equivalent to a Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma or a Foundation Degree

Level 4 is suitable for those working in a management position, for example those in roles such as: Senior Chef, School Business Manager or a departmental manager

Higher Apprenticeships offer a new work-based route into professions which have traditionally been reserved for graduates


Job Roles

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship:

  • Sales Assistant
  • Stockroom Assistant
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Fresh Food Counter Assistant

Advanced Level Apprenticeship:

  • Senior Sales Assistant
  • Visual Merchandiser Supervisor
  • Craft Expert (e.g. Bakery)
  • Style Advisor (Personal Shoppers, Retail Consultant, Stylist)
  • Department Manager
  • Supervisor or Team Leader
  • Store Manager (of a small outlet)

Higher Level Apprenticeship

  • Retail Manager



  • Standard
  • Functional Skills

Assessment is through practical observation and theoretical tests.

Other information

A Retail Apprenticeship can open doors to a fantastic career! You could continue with your studies, undertaking degree level study at university after an Advanced Apprenticeship. As a Retail Apprentice, you will have gained knowledge about Sales and therefore a degree in a related field might be appropriate.  You could also decide to study for a number of professional qualifications in your industry, or apply for more senior positions in order for you to progress within your career.


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